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Sexy sounds, then mix a dash of penetrating lyrics, a spoonful of spice, and sprinkle an edgy backstory. Think that's BS, so do m62goddam. Alt comic? Well we don't take anything too seriously, especially ourselves. Welcome to the best of Lliam Francis (The Artist Formerly Known As m62goddam).New track uploaded, The House That James Built, please see panel below to listen. Scroll down to products if you wish to buy
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groundbreaking rock

Bill Hudson


Blues blooded singer, Jack of all musical trades, mimic

Lliam Francis


Lyricist, incorrigible self-promoter

Billy Blez


Motown freak and musical magpie

Tim Barley


Mr Metronome who can't resist left-field jazzy time signatures, even in a hymn

William Hudson


David Martinez

Sound Engineer

David is a skilled sound engineer with a knack for capturing the perfect sonic texture. His attention to detail and technical precision elevate every track he works on.





What began as a pub band has morphed over the years into a one-man production band branded Lliam Francis, building an army of followers on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, with a presence too on Songtradr. The idea is to buy wav files by the artist directly from the artist. The artist, producer and composer is William Hudson, who goes by the name Lliam Francis on Soundcloud. Lliam is a multi-instrumentalist and freelance national newspaper journalist who is the nephew of composer William Blezard (1921/2003), screen legend Marlene Dietrich's musical director until the end of her cabaret career in the 1970s. The music on this site is a mix of genres, from house and disco, to rock and singer-songwriter. But it is all Hudson's own work, with influences ranging from John Barry to Daft Punk. Watch out for tracks like Mambo In Miami and Road To Providence (that's on Soundcloud but may be updated to this site pretty soon (William Hudson, 21/01/23). PS: It runs in the family: Please check out musician Stephen Hudson and the Dog Daisies from Lancashire.
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Muso journo

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Please see the band's external links as follows https://m62goddam-bandcamp.com and Spotify:album 4yWY3mZXQjzpUWF1F3P also http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1606022779?ls=10app=itunes for EP Stockport Holiday track Jam Tomorrow see https://on.soundcloud.com/yHkfP

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